Lettuce is best stored unwashed and wrapped in a dry paper towel in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 weeks.  The drier the better, it’s the moisture that causes the rot.


Lettuce is low in calories, and a source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and folacin.

As a general rule of thumb, darker green lettuce varieties contain the most Vitamin A.

Varieties we grow:



Red Salad Bowl

Bronze Arrowhead

Rouge d’hiver



Green Towers


Lolla Rossa

New Red Fire

Red Sails




Flashy Trout Back

Parris Island


Red Cross

Yankee Hardy


Native to the eastern Mediterranean region and western Asia, lettuce has a long and distinguished history. With depictions appearing in ancient Egyptian tombs, the cultivation of lettuce is thought to date back to at least 4500 BC. The ancient Greeks and Romans held lettuce in high regard both as a food and for its therapeutic medicinal properties.

In China, where lettuce has been growing since the 5th century, lettuce represents good luck. It is served on birthdays, New Year's Day and other special occasions. Christopher Columbus introduced varieties of lettuce to North America during his second voyage in 1493. Lettuce was first planted in California, the lettuce capital of the United States, by the Spanish missionaries in the 17th century. Its popularity across the US did not become widespread until centuries later with the development of refrigeration and railway transportation.


- Give sandwiches extra crunch (and nutrients) by garnishing with lettuce leaves.

  1. -When it comes to salads, the only limitation is your imagination. Anything goes: use a variety of different lettuce types and add your favourite foods. Whether they're vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts,  grains, herbs, croutons, meats, tofu or cheeses, most every food goes well with lettuce.

Great Lettuce Ideas/Recipes

That’s a lot o’ lettuce! Some of these we grow to sell as heads, but most of these you’ll find in our lettuce mixes with even more greens (Tatsoi, Mizuna, Mustard, Chard, etc etc) and herbs.
Our lettuce mixes never have less than a dozen varieties of goodness - hurray for diversity!