Fresh cilantro leaves as well as seeds are available in the markets and herb stores all around the year. Whenever possible, buy fresh leaves over dried ones since they are superior in flavor and rich in many vital vitamins and anti-oxidants like beta carotene, vitamin-C and folates. The herb should feature vibrant green color leaves and firm stems. They should be free from any kind of spoilage or yellowing.

Try to buy that has been organically grown since this will give you more assurance that the herb is free from pesticide residues.

Once at home, wash it in clean water, discard roots, old or any bruised leaves. Fresh cilantro (coriander) should be stored in the refrigerator in a zip pouch or wrapped in a slightly damp paper towel.  Use as early as possible since it loses flavour and nutrients quickly if kept for longer periods. Coriander seeds as well as its oil are available in the markets. The seeds used as spice.


This humble backyard herb provides (% of RDA/100g)-
15% of folates,
11% of vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine),
45% of vitamin C,
225% of vitamin A,
258% of vitamin K,
22% of iron and
18% of manganese.
(Note: RDA-Recommended daily allowance)

Varieties we grow:



Though some may say it is a "trendy" herb, Cilantro can be traced as far back as 5,000 B.C. Since then, it has been in wide use in the Middle East, Asia, and southern Europe. Coriander was cultivated in ancient Egypt and given mention in the Old Testament. It was used as a spice in both Greek and Roman cultures ... The early physicians, including Hippocrates, used coriander for its medicinal properties, including as an aromatic stimulant.  The ancient Egyptians used coriander tea to treat ailments such as urinary tract infections and headaches. The crushed seeds and leaves were often used in poultices and salves. Coriander seeds were found in King Tut's tomb.


What to do with Cilantro?

¥Garnish tomato-, carrot- or coconut-milk-based soups with chopped fresh cilantro.

¥Serve iced tea or freshly squeezed juice with a splash of lime juice and sprigs of cilantro.

¥Make a flavourful dip from chopped tomato, cilantro, cucumber, green chiles, and plain yogurt.

¥Try making pesto using cilantro in place of basil.

¥Rub chicken or fish with chopped cilantro, ginger, and black pepper before grilling.

¥Sprinkle chopped cilantro and chopped cashews or slivered almonds over cooked rice or

¥Add cilantro to your favourite gazpacho or salsa recipe.

¥Add it to any beans or soup, stems included, then remove as you would a bay leaf.